What People are Saying...


The work is transformative and potent. I highly recommend Soma for healing support in experiential realms ranging from trauma residing in the deeply physical, to resolution of ancestral inheritance issues, and most excitingly into the human territory of evolutionary growth."


As a client for many years, I realized very quickly the benefits of Soma’s work. Her massage therapy impacts not only one’s body but also one’s mind. Her attention and consultation enabled me to reconnect my mind to my body and vice-Versa, to defuse stress, and supported my body, mind, and spirit.

Soma’s craniosacral practice helped me realize how an injury, strong emotion, or stressful situation settles itself into your muscles, bones, and tissues. Soma’s craniosacral and therapy brought back movement and flexibility to my body, restoring mind and spirit.

— SF

I resonate with wholeness and am able to access it with Soma's work.


Since my late teens, I have suffered from debilitating fatigue and pain due to hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia. I gave up on MD’s years ago.

In the fall of 2008, at age 69, I started as a client of Soma Aloia. In the early part of 2010 I shared in a support group that year 2009 was the best year of my life because many of my symptoms were substantially reduced. I continue to feel better and better in 2011. Soma’s methods are valid and they work.

— KF

Soma’s work gets into the nooks and crannies of my body and soul. Her sensitivity is of the highest caliber.

— GK, PhD

I suffered from whiplash when I was rear-ended in a car accident. My chiropractor prescribed massage therapy to help eliminate my headaches and back pain. Soma’s craniosacral therapy provided much-needed relief and I could feel the pain subside in our sessions. She was able to show me yoga postures to help with my recovery.

Soma is a very loving human being. In addition to her attention to physical aches and pains, Soma also focuses on the emotional needs of her clients. During many sessions we were able to move emotional energy through my system to help eliminate physical symptoms.

Sessions with Soma are showing me to put myself in the driver’s seat, take charge of my dreams, and put myself as #1 instead of worrying.

— HM

Soma’s work has deepened my understanding of my nature, helping me learn to love and accept the parts of myself that have been kept in the shadow. This has helped decrease stress in my life, improve relationships, and let go of negativity. I am more trusting in that what I am is good.

— TT

Soma is my person to sit and hold the space for me to find the breadcrumbs that lead me back to myself, to find a sense of wholeness and become whole in body and mind. She offers healthy support to do this.

I have been able to have a fuller expression of myself out in the world with connection, confidence, autonomy, clarity, self-awareness. It’s amazing that we’re so malleable given the right support, and Soma facilitates this brilliantly.

— HD

A true Godsend and blessing!

Soma encouraged and inspired me to turn my life and health around to a life filled with less physical pain, stronger physical movement and mental, emotional clarity.

For more than 20 years I struggled with numerous physical disabilities, including fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue, depression and various structural impairments. After visiting over 250 doctors and alternative healers, I was at a point of despair. Upon meeting Soma, she reassured me that her work could help. After such disappointments with past healers, I was skeptical. During my first visit with Soma, these fears and beliefs were dispelled, as she imparted her loving, genuine, supportive spirit, which gave me the strength to realize true healing. It is not often that someone with such gifted healing skills would offer the kind of generous attention and care that she did.

Soma not only helped my pain to lessen through her work, but she took the time and care to help me go deeper with understanding the roots of my pain and how it can manifest through my thoughts and beliefs.

Soma is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives, innately understanding the healing process. She exudes the highest qualities of an outstanding physical healer, and educator. Her passion and desire to learn and grow, reflecting upon her skills and client interactions sets her apart from her peers.

Soma has been an amazing gift in my life. I now experience more freedom in movement, less pain, and a greater understanding of my body and mind.

— JN, Film Producer

I can share vulnerable things for the first time. I am looking for how I experience health in my life versus what’s wrong. I am able to connect more with my body. I have the sense of unlimited possibilities. I have more excitement for exploring, observing, learning. I am starting to recognize that I can identify my needs and ask about them.

— Anonymous

I found Soma to be a kind, caring, and understanding therapist. She helps create a safe environment for me to explore my inner being on a very deep level. Through her touch, (skills), and the space she gives, I have opened up to my true core self.

— BB, Business Owner

Each time I have a session I feel I leave a different person than when I arrived, having shed physical and emotional baggage...Soma’s gentle, accepting attitude invites me to feel safe about releasing stuck parts of my emotions and my body and enter into a new awareness.

— NM, Author

My husband and I received Soma’s intuitive healing care in severalways, over many sessions. Her advice regarding nutrition as well as other techniques she used to support our general well-being (craniosacral therapy) were greatly appreciated. But most of all we benefited from Soma’s gentle humanity and love for her clients.

— NR

Thank you for all the great work you have done...your work is the missing piece of the puzzle in my overall health picture.

— ND

Soma, Thank you so much... for being so kind. In hard times, it’s people like you that truly make a difference in how we heal. I’m so grateful that we were able to connect. Thanks again for your kindness and understanding.

— Anonymous

Dear Soma: ‘Your soul is OK,’ has been crossing my path in many ways since my sessions with you, and I keep on noticing it. I have been integrating this message into my everyday life. It is a good message and I have been going forward with increased equanimity and trust that I will be fundamentally OK, no matter what happens. This is significant since some major changes have been going on in my life, and yet I feel happier now than I have felt in a long time.

— NK

Sessions with Soma offer me the ability to access a deeper place in myself, her work facilitates a deeper knowing and a resulting healing. Continuing work with her helps me from falling back into the “darker” places.

— CV

I so value your knowledge and ideas and all the help and support you have offered me...

— EC

With all of your help and guidance, I have...felt what it is like to love myself! I have been able to completely surrender in your space and I will forever be grateful.

— KS, LAc

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help my Mother. You’re an angel with wisdom from on high that you have chosen to share with others. Thank you!

— DH

Thank you so much for bringing ‘light’ and stillness to my life.

— Anonymous

I first began working with Soma in the spring of 1997... Soma has been an integral part of my healing process. Soma has worked with me doing Massage, Craniosacral, Yoga, and words of facilitation. It was the example of Soma and because of the many benefits I personally experienced from her work that I was inspired to become a body worker. I would consider anyone fortunate to know and work with Soma blessed as I have been.

— MdT