Warm And Welcoming Office Sanctuary

In-person: Surrounded by nature and trees on sacred ground. You have a quiet, nurturing place to settle, feel safe, and be yourself.

Remote: Live at a distance from our office? No problem, you can still have your healing and trauma care. These sessions are done via phone, Skype, or without devices all in the comfort of your own home or office.

Contact me for a free introductory call and I will explain how we set that up.

What To Expect

In a nourishing and calm office we create an atmosphere of settling and safety.

In the first session we discuss your intake and intentions for treatment together. Are you wanting to alleviate stress or pain? Do you have headaches or trauma burdening you? Are you a new Mom and need to feel more balance in your body? Does your baby have colic?

The session proceeds with you sitting in a chair or laying on a bodywork table. I am sitting facing or next to you. Work is done fully dressed. We begin a conversation in which I guide you into your felt-sense of the body, and may make contact with my hands. Sensations, movement, and ‘stuck places’ begin to reveal themselves and guide the session as we proceed.

Aromatherapy and acupressure may be used to address meridians and specific issues. Self care techniques are usually discussed at the end of the appointment for healing in-between sessions. This is strongly recommended as it helps speed up healing and reorientation (see below “In Addition” for a more complete description).

How It Works

Sitting in present-time awareness with or without touch allows the nervous system to settle and simplify, releasing survival energies like shock and injuries that are constricted in the body. This enables the body to rest and renew from its foundation, and to have more energy for healing and thriving. Sessions hold you right where you need to be held. Craniosacral Therapy contacts the body’s natural healing abilities at the foundation, enabling your original blueprint for health and resilience to emerge. The entire Medicine Journey session releases shock and immobility which is crucial for resolving PTSD and physical issues as well as wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment.

Where To Start

I suggest starting with an introductory session where we then determine the frequency and process for your journey.

I suggest starting with:

1-2 times weekly for acute situations (loss, shock, transitions, sudden injury/accidents/upsets).

2 times monthly for re-patterning and release of old shock/trauma.

1 time monthly for maintenance.

3-4 sessions in a row for children and families.

** This is simply a general map and guideline.. All situations are unique in and of themselves, and treatment plans are tailored specifically to you and your needs.

** Package discounts apply for members and multiple appointment purchases.

In Addition

Self-care techniques are included part of your session and usually discussed at the end of the appointment for healing in-between sessions. This is strongly recommended as it helps speed up healing and reorientation.

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Would you like a full session of self-care coaching?


Whole Body Approach

Sessions draw from an embodied therapeutic model that uses Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, somatic experience-style (body-oriented) dialogue, fascial integration, imagery, movement education, Gestalt presence processing, conscious breathing, felt-sense perceptiveness, and attunement to body-based cues, with me as your practitioner and guide.

Sessions address the injury, attitude, and symptoms simultaneously by going directly to our bio-inherent intelligence, the very foundation of life where the body and psyche are one. Trauma resolves and releases, while movement and resilience restore.


What You Might Experience

  • Deep relaxation
  • Calming of emotions
  • Trauma settles
  • Disturbances resolve
  • Centering
  • Pain relief
  • Movement and mobility
  • Space
  • Inner peace
  • Sense of wholeness, all is ok
  • Grounded
  • Falling asleep, dreaming
  • Headache and muscular relaxation
  • Temperature shifts
  • Clarity and focused attention
  • Quiet mind
  • Sense of the ‘big picture’
  • Pleasant tingly sensations
  • Relaxed stomach
  • Blissful
  • Fuller breathing

The Science

Light and sound frequencies are subtle in effect, fast moving, and penetrate deeply into all the cells of the body. Light is the medium of life and a powerful yet gentle agent for healing.

Helpful home-care techniques I can teach you…

Calm reactive impulses and anxiety

Relieve pain

Settle emotions

Increase energy

Improve sleep

Calm colic and fussy babies

Centering, grounding, energetic protection

Resolve trauma

Increase flexibility, mobility

Improve digestion

Change habits

Ease difficulty in relationship

Bonding and attachment

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