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Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Medicine, & Therapeutic Bodywork


Trauma Resolution


Moms, Babies, Children


Functional Nutrition & Ayurveda


soma Aloia

clinical nutritionist | holistic therapist

Soma’s unique gifts lie in her ability to transform imbalances, injury, and psychological limitations through her body and body presence; Deep listening, assessment, intuitive guidance, and palpatory skills put this into action. Then ultimately, it is the medicine generated between she and her client where the necessary alchemy for healing and transformation emerges. A natural-born healer, Soma’s work offers a place to settle, feel safe, and be yourself.


Which support is right for you?

Body Wisdom & Trauma Healing


Physical Injury & Pain Relief

Helping people heal from physical injury and pain.


Trauma Resolution Healing The Past

Healing past hurts & traumas, ancestral inheritances, your inner child, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD & stress.


plant Healing

Intentional use and education to bring about change and healing in ourselves, our habits, and way of life.



Individuals & Families

Women, Men, Teens, Couples & Babies. Help for children at all stages of growth and development. 

Children & Babies

Helping Babies and Moms (Dads too!) compassionately navigate the challenges of this precious time.
A resource for moms and postpartum care.

A Helping Hand

Helping individuals who are choosing to make changes in their lives but feel they need a helping hand, feedback, and support.  Helping relationships heal.



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Join us in creating community in the spaciousness of joy and well being.

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  • Soma's work is transformative and potent.
    — CCK
  • Soma's work has deepened my understanding of my nature, helping me learn to love and accept the parts of myself that have been kept in the shadow...
    — TT
  • Soma's craniosacral therapy brought back movement and flexibility to my body, restoring my mind and spirit.
    — SF
  • Soma’s work gets into the nooks and crannies of my body and soul. Her sensitivity is of the highest caliber.
    — GK, PhD
  • Soma exudes the highest qualities of an outstanding healer and educator.
    — JN
  • Thank you for all the great work you have done...(it) is the missing piece of the puzzle in my overall health picture.
    — ND